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theclevercow's Journal

The Clever Cow
Caologard, Gallentree
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The Clever Cow is...

1 ... a virtual saloon
2 ... where Nillie & Farine dump icons, graphics related to An Ageless Light & The Infinity Elixir
3 ... things of the Al-canon world are talked about while downing sweet, sweet grog

Gods Save the Queen!

aal, adventures, ahamo, al, al canon, alchemists, amaranth butterflies, ambrose feyzell, an ageless light, andy is hawt, andy rome, anthros, az/courtney, az/essara, azkadellia, big heavy, bryson, caologard, cooking, corvina feyzell, courtney, cows, crow creek, daisy paperfield, dg, dg/jeb, echo, editing, eli, empaths, essara zale, euclid, eugene granger, faar, family, fanfic, finaqua, friendship, gallentree, garrett christie, glitch, glitch/wyatt, good versus evil, grog, hiking, horseback riding, humor, imagining another world, invented languages, jeb cain, knurled nook, land of white waters, laughter, lavynia, liezel, lily lou, lorne granger, lorne/musty, love, lucy liberty, lucy/garrett, luigi bartholomew, magic, magic in the evening, mahina, marius lindsey, marius/andy, mnemonics, much meandering mandy, musty granger, old hickory, original characters, other side, outer zone, pernic, ratzy, raw, raw's cookies, rinthtil, rita, round robin, sanvidell, scarlett cain, shannon chelsea, shapeshifters, silly ants, silly monikers, slash, sooney, tamus, the amaranth downs, the clever cow, the compass, the crescent mountains, the infinity elixir, the l-four, the nook, the northern legion, the o.z., the outdoors, the quairines, the resistance, the seven realms, the two-headed calf, the winter lapse, thisbe galletaia, thisbe/az, thisbe/tamus, tin man fanfic, trilogies, tsalia, viticulture, wine, writing, wyatt cain