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The Infinity Elixir, Table of Contents

Two and a half annuals after the end of An Ageless Light, a new adventure unfolds...

Story Particulars

koslorollo - Farine
lionille - Nillie
theclevercow - the open comm
The Tag

Tin Man

Brief Summary
"First we'll find out what it is... and then we'll find out what's in it." - Glitch


Glitch & Wyatt (established)
DG & Jeb (established)
Azkadellia & Vy-Sor
Azkadellia & OFC

Contains major original characters ... because we love them

Tin Man, and all related characters, are property of Genius Products, RHI/Imagiquest Entertainment. No piece of this written work, The Infinity Elixir, and all subsequent artistic associations present or forthcoming in release of said work, is intended to infringe upon, devalue, or otherwise jeopardize the original copyright held by the above corporations.

Layout -&- General Design

The Infinity Elixir is a round-robin. We started it on 8 June 2008. Unlike An Ageless Light, The Infinity Elixir is a work-in-progress, and will be posted as we write it. All chapters released are done so through the community ohzeebooks, as we thought it best to post in a community rather than back and forth between our respective personal journals. Releases of chapters will still occur every Monday and Thursday.

Contact us through comments on this page, or through LJ message center. Or ask through theclevercow.

Track This
On the first entry of The Infinity Elixir, or any subsequent entry, you can choose to track the story by clicking the thumb tack icon at the top of the page. Then choose how you want to track the story. Perhaps the easiest way would be to choose 'Someone posts an entry tagged (the infinity elixir) to (info)ohzeebooks'. You will receive e-mail notification (if you click the box to do so), and/or a message center notification whenever we release a new part. But that's always on Monday and Thursday of every week.

Wallpaper 1 - "Purple Flowers" (1280x720)
17 story-related icons
The Map - last updated 10 August
Wallpaper 2 - "Seven Realms" (1280x720)
Wallpaper 3 - "Home to Gallentree" (1280x800)
theclevercow - for the release of graphics and a bunch of other things

Traditional chapters prevail for The Infinity Elixir! - We will release "Eli" (as Nillie and Farine call it) by chapter, or more than one chapter at a time.

Date Started: 10 June 2008
Date Finished: 28 October 2009
Status: Complete
Total Blocks to date: 93 (this does not reflect the number of "chapters" released)
Total Chapters: 101 (this reflects the number of chapters released)
Total Word Count: 313,230

Chapters 1 - 29

How do I stop it?
Chapter 10
I keep having dreams.
Chapter 20
I want to see what happens.
Chapter 1
Raw made cookies.
Chapter 11
You're fired.
Chapter 21
Big day tomorrow.
Chapter 2
We really can't do a thing.
Chapter 12
Glitch was of two minds.
Chapter 22
Don't call me Ambrose.
Chapter 3
That ungrateful witch!
Chapter 13
They're so much trouble.
Chapter 23
We're here to rescue you.
Chapter 4
She's made of magic.
Chapter 14
This here's a weasel.
Chapter 24
An overall sense of dread.
Chapter 5
It was up to him to tell or not.
Chapter 15
Drop dead, Lucy.
Chapter 25
He'll be sick with glee.
Chapter 6
The unfiltered light of love victorious.
Chapter 16
She figured it out.
Chapter 26
Save us from the dark.
Chapter 7
A great deal of shrieking.
Chapter 17
I think it's time.
Chapter 27
Fighting on the same side.
Chapter 8
Thieving varmint!
Chapter 18
Before you were ill.
Chapter 28
Morbid curiosity.
Chapter 9
A look that could freeze fire.
Chapter 19
Just watch out for goats.
Chapter 29
You squeeze them and they make noise.

Chapters 30 - 59

Chapter 30
Princess of this spread.
Chapter 40
She'll have changed so much.
Chapter 50
Let's go be heroes.
Chapter 31
Just having the same delusion.
Chapter 41
I like that in a tree house.
Chapter 51
The true Rainbow is immortal.
Chapter 32
Like a shrivel pod beetle.
Chapter 42
The road was soft as ash.
Chapter 52
You was being right poetical.
Chapter 33
Everyone comes home to Gallentree.
Chapter 43
The flowers and the fruits.
Chapter 53
Leave him to his mucus?
Chapter 34
One knows who his friends are again.
Chapter 44
An anthill in the rain.
Chapter 54
The hush of tragedy.
Chapter 35
The sphere with its precious cargo.
Chapter 45
The suns woke in the north this day.
Chapter 55
The swirl of an idea.
Chapter 36
The captain of my own path.
Chapter 46
Take us to the spooky cave.
Chapter 56
I'm looking for my mother's lumen.
Chapter 37
This incognito business is really rather complicated.
Chapter 47
An ordeal of the magical persuasion.
Chapter 57
Random birth order... really!
Chapter 38
Imaginations can be terrible things.
Chapter 48
We have two of the bravest, craziest daughters.
Chapter 58
In the service of the Queen.
Chapter 39
She is with the magic now.
Chapter 49
From the maze of sunflowers.
Chapter 59
To the library!

Chapters 60 - 89

Chapter 60
Whether or not you're ready.
Chapter 70
They might wander through Pernic in circles
Chapter 80
To observe rather than participate.
Chapter 61
Mighty glad you're not dead.
Chapter 71
Why didn't we bring a dragon?
Chapter 81
Only a couple of letters.
Chapter 62
It's either all or nothing.
Chapter 72
Progress is made but one step at a time.
Chapter 82
He followed it, like a golden road.
Chapter 63
An apocryphal masterpiece.
Chapter 73
Fulfilling an old death wish?
Chapter 83
Don’t harass my brain with the details.
Chapter 64
I'm slow, but I catch on eventually.
Chapter 74
The Queen is giving a tea party.
Chapter 84
Just a regular old jar of honey.
Chapter 65
The path we walk.
Chapter 75
It's crass of a princess to lick her fingers.
Chapter 85
My decision about the brain.
Chapter 66
But your intuition in general, it is a grand thing.
Chapter 76
My heart still tips towards her.
Chapter 86
Magic is light, right?
Chapter 67
The wind is full of directionless voices.
Chapter 77
You've brought bad tidings.
Chapter 87
My mother is packing heat!
Chapter 68
Glitch has compass envy.
Chapter 78
The only thing your heart knows.
Chapter 88
Into the Amaranth Downs.
Chapter 69
Some legends are divine.
Chapter 79
Faithfully every Friday.
Chapter 89
An amplin of clovers.

Chapter 90
Please make the bear stop talking.
Chapter 97
Truths are sometimes bad.
Chapter 104
Chapter 91
Mind the mud in the dark.
Chapter 98
That was—ow—thoughtful of you!
Chapter 105
Chapter 92
As the father in me finally sees.
Chapter 99
Not by the laws of biology.
Chapter 106
Chapter 93
The magic sleeps but quickens pace.
Chapter 100
The ground holding me up.
Chapter 107
Chapter 94
A sign of the mornris ke tamere.
Chapter 101
Of all the weddings to be late to!
(Epilogue, 4 Years Later)
Chapter 108
Chapter 95
Nature holds the light.
Chapter 102 Chapter 109
Chapter 96
Looking for flowers to take to the Queen.
Chapter 103 Chapter 110

Contrary to indirect statements made earlier by the authors, we have no plans to write a third book.

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